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AgentWing Defenders Final AgentWing Defenders Final

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Cool, but I really could have used a laser power up of some sort. Everytime one of the other agents started shooting lasers I was all like "Why the hell don't I have a laser!?"

I also found it amusing that my commander called the health powerups "green orb thingys".

Karoshi:Suicide Salaryman Karoshi:Suicide Salaryman

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game

Only the second I have ever played were the goal is to kill yourself, and this one was a challenge.
I give it an 8 because the graphics are lacking but intriguing, and because the music is repetitive. Gameplay is simplistic but does what it needs to.

Classic Gameboy Tetris! Classic Gameboy Tetris!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Needs some work, but otherwise the best.

Alright. First of all, I really wish this had the other two songs in here. The creators of Tetris made two songs for a reason(the third being the menu music). I would also suggest a menu screen-they aren't hard to create, they're a good way to give credit to yourself, and they also allow a place for the music to be switched, the level be changed, etc.
I also noticed the sound did not last forever. I left it on all night, woke up, returned at 4:00 to find that the music had stopped, I had to lose in order to restart sound. It could also really use a mute button(which is found in the menu)
Also, the blocks have white lines in between sometimes, as well as a small white line between the bricks and the field.
The drop is also irritating, because it doesn't stop falling quick when I release the button, like the original tetris did.
A creative suggestion I have is that if you are going to leave in the gameboy casing in there, might as well have it so you can turn on the gameboy and see the screen light up and show the gameboy and nintendo logo(or a parody thereof). A battery warning would also be funny to show if we've been playing (or paused) too long.
Other than that, you did an excellent job with it. This is my favorite tetris on here, probably because it's the only one not mario or porn. It's also nostalgia inducing.
I give you an eight. I'd give you nine if it weren't for the lack of a mute button and the drop problem.

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Enrichment Center BETA Enrichment Center BETA

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Thank you for helping us help you help us all

This looks like it could end up as a pretty amazing game.
First off, the puzzles were well done.
I do question, however, the repetitive use of keycards. It's like Zelda dungeons: one key per door. Makes no sense. I'd shape it to a different level of keycard, like keycardlvl1access, lvl2access in order to access different colored doors.
Also, you say you're adding timers, so I hope you implement those correctly instead of just putting a timer in there for no reason. The timer in Portal was a countdown to the completion of GLaDOS' fresh batch of neurotoxin.
Also, make sure you insert the correct GLaDOS quotes, because it'll sound weird if she calls you a test subject when you work there.
I think it'd be a cool beginning, (rather than a table, some graffiti, and a big tv)to start in an office with a computer you can play with. And then the doors are locked and your alone in the office, and you use the computer to open the door and begin the game.
I'd also suggest adding interactive useless trinkets. People love those.
If you need help with anything, you can pm me, i've had experience in this sort of thing.

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RAWowner333 responds:

the timer will be explained and used correctly. as well as the GLaDOS' quotes. Everything will fit together.

the beginning is really your office. that's how the artist imagined it. though an extra interactivity is a good idea, as well as using the computer to unlock the normal door.

if we do make a sequel...the different level access cards will be used. thanks

Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This game rocks.
The original is likely to rock too.
I'm going to go buy it now.
It frustrated me at some points, but the programming was incredibly awesome, down to the last details such as the image in the portals as you walked towards it, or the speed you gain from falling infinitely.
My only suggestion would be to add a 'create your own level' sort of thing to keep it going. It might not even have to be an online portal/highscore kind of thing, perhaps you could try passwords similar to the ones used in the punk generator.

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The Sky Sailor The Sky Sailor

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It's well put together for a platformer.
Programming - Well done, none of the common platformer glitches.
Concept - It's an interesting story, and the powerups have a unique design.
Music - You know what, i'd rather not review it. Not that it was bad, it was catchy but repetitive.
Animation - The animation could have used a bit more work. So could your buttons. I suggest finishing your smoke loops and using a different text for the intro scene.
Also, a tip for your 'skip' button: Put an alpha'd[er..invisible] rectangle movieclip on a layer underneath the text layer. This makes it alot easier to hit the button, and players can get there much faster.

Nice job.

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Clock Legends Clock Legends

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Exploding Mutant Peggys..... Wuz next?

That was awesome! I'm sure nobody else made it to the end though, so I won't give anything away. Even though I already did it. But it is hard untill you study the patterns of each section. I never could get that peggy in the thorns without dieing though. Nice music, especially for the boss. And why is meatclock{The steak} so big?
*Adding this game to favorites.*


cableshaft responds:

Yep :P. Nothing is random in the game, except the boss attacks at the end, so once you get the pattern down, you can breeze through the level every time.

Meatclock is big because he's like the CC equivalent of Godzilla.